June 20, 2017



”Giving Back”


Born in Montreal but come from an Acadian family down East in New Brunswick. Raised on my Grand-Frather’s farm from the ‘’critical age’’ of 12 to 18. To me life on the farm was ‘’LIFE’’ ! Growing our own food, taking care of the animals, working the fields, fishing… This was the life I wanted forever. After finishing High School, I had no choice to get a job as our family could not afford for us to go to University. So my University was moving to a city and live my own life experiences which confirmed that city life was not for me, that I missed everything that had to do with nature. I realized even more how precious life and the environnement are. So my goal to bringing sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable homes in cities is so important for our children and the ever growing population of our elderlies. That our children need to learn and go back to basics. I want, with our team, to able to give back what the earth, the sun, the rain, wind and even the moon has given me in my life ! Respect for our planet, is a respect for the future of all that lives on it !