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Who we are?

A 21st Century Sustainable Co.

The team consists of architects, sociologists, geographers, urban planners, LEED and Passive house construction experts and other areas of expertise. Their education and expertise focuses on sustainable community development. We are putting in place all the specialists we need to build and create the best team to be effective for all our sustainable communities of the new era!


    Our role is to advise and guide the people who take part in projects to build sustainable developments. Each construction project must follow three phases: Planning, building and Exploitation.


    Our company is non-hierarchical so the pyramid system is completely rejected. The opinion of each member counts and decisions are made in groups. Each task is subject to interdisciplinary and mutual aid.

Our philosophy

At 5th Element, we build a philosophy with you, that represents you and your family in an environment that is you while respecting the elements of the Earth that surrounds us.

The 1st element essential to life, without air no life is possible. We need air for energy, heat and air conditioning. Air will bring you comfort in your home, therefore we will respect it and not polute it.


The 2nd element is represented by the sun, without it, our planet would be dark and cold, therefore it is the sun that will warm you, will give you light during the day and will also nourish your gardens.


The 3rd element, so precious, so beautifull, it is mother earth that helps nature to blossom and continue to marvel us with her beauty. The earth will give you the space necessary to establish your home, to feed you and live in harmony with her.


The 4th element, the one that compliments the other three. This precious element that provides most of our needs every second of our life and that we have to preserve like the most precious diamond. Water will have a place of choice in your home and we will treat it as such.


The 5th element… philosophy, family, community, our future. The 5th element reunites the other 4 elements to build an eco-responsible and sustainable environment that resembles… you. ;)

One day in a sustainable community!

Here is my perception of a day in an autonomous and sustainable community. In my opinion, every human being has the right to a healthy diet and a decent place to live, that in my humble opinion is a fundamental right of life. Living in a stress-free and enjoyable environment, is necessary for a good mental and physical health. What is better than to have day to day interaction with everyone of all generations, such as taking coffee quietly with a grandfather who has so many stories to tell, while cleaning the permaculture and then going to do his work quietly and efficiently, in less time than it would take to do it, in any office in the downtown area, constantly disturbed by noise and pollution of the city. Helping in your community while contemplating the fabulous spectacle of Mother Nature and our children who ofteno make us see another way of living in harmony. How about grandmother awaiting her grand- children returning from school with a good homemade snack made that morning, while Mom and Dad are working, helping or having fun a couple of steps away from them in the their community! Waking up in the morning and go to market in the village of yesteryear where everything is made with family recipes, by someone we know and we know what ingredients are used, because they are cultivated here by myself and my neighbors. A place where resources and profits are reinvested here, to directly help my community develop their health. The beauty would be to join forces together to contribute to the well-being of the people with whom we share our days, our years, our lives!

My dream,


Our Team

The Most amazing team in this world, Why? Because we believe!
Ph.D., P.Geo.

Our Partners

Our partners are chosen with great attention, why? Because we want a sustainable partnership!


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