Your partner in designing communities for the new sustainable era!

Who we are?

A 21st Century Sustainable Co.

The team consists of architects, sociologists, geographers, urban planners, LEED and Passive house construction experts and other areas of expertise. Their education and expertise focuses on sustainable community development. We are putting in place all the specialists we need to build and create the best team to be effective for all our sustainable communities of the new era!

Our company structure

    Our company is non-hierarchical so the pyramid system is completely rejected. The opinion of each member counts and decisions are made in groups. Each task is subject to interdisciplinary and mutual aid.

Our role in a construction project

    Our role is to advise and guide a project to build towards sustainable development. Each construction project must follow three phases which are: Planning, Making, Building and Exploitation.

Our Team

The Most amazing team in this world, Why? Because we believe!
Stephane Theoret
Stephane Theoret
CEO & Technical Manager
Sylvie-Anne Roy
Sylvie-Anne Roy
CEO & Marketing
Hanene Laouar
Hanene Laouar
City Planner


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Living and Working in a Sustainable Community !